how do you get music from your ipod onto your 360, when i try the portable device button isnt selectable
You probably need a Zune. Microsoft hate iPods.
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you need to download a media codec, i forget how to get it
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Just google search 'ipod 360'.
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You probably need a Zune. Microsoft hates iPods.

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Download some AAC patch from the marketplace, should be under System Downloads or something.Also lets you play Divx **** there.
The Zune and the 360 work seemlessly. I doubt iPods will even work with a 360. If so, probably not very well.
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MY ipod shuffle and Nano work perfectly on my 360. ALL the time! I think you do need to download the free music update but I forget how to do that. Also if the portable device button doesn't work, unplug your ipod then plug it in. That's what I do when it doesn't work for me but it might not work for ya.
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you need the "Optional Media Update" its in the market place somewheres
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To everyone that says only zune will only work... what? I've never had any trouble with mine?

To the vertigodown, how are you going about connecting it up/opening it?
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Ipod touches will not work with your 360.
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If you're looking to put the music on your Hard Drive, you have to have the music on a CD and then rip the songs onto the HD. You can only stream your music from the iPod.
The iPod support available from Microsoft is not currently compatible with the latest version of the iPod software. I suppose you could try and downgrade your iPod's software to make it work.
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