Hey everyone,

This friday my band has a show and we are going to play a cover of love in this club. In the beginningof the song we want to have the intro start playing then there be a break of no music and just us playing but then we want another part to come back in in the middle of the song. Is there an easy way for me to delete the parts i dont want.

audio editing software? get to work now so you can make sure it works right before friday
love in this club by usher?... lol what genre are you? thats awesome. yes you write transitions, it shouldnt be hard if you guys have chemistry together.
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were like rock/hard rock. and whenever i try to upload a song into audacity it is isnt the song its like a fast weird noise
lol that is confusing. it is called "love in this club" by usher and we are playing in a club lol