Okay, well, i've been playing guitar for 3 years now. But i only play acoustic. I want to transfer to electric. I'm getting guitar for my birthday along with an amp and gear. I already play bass in a band but thinking about switching. I play a lot of metal, hardcore, metalcore, alternative, and classic rock.

I need advise on which guitar, amp, and pedal i should get. I have a budget of about $600.

with that small of a budget (no offense, it's just a fact of life), I would look used. I'd probably try and go tube for an amp, and definately get a humbucker guitar, for what you need. Focus of the guitar and amp (core of your tone) first, and when you get more money, think about pedals. also, gigging? because that might mean if your budget doestn' grow, you might have to sacrifice tone for volume...
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Just go into a guitar store, pay no attention to what the headstock says. Start playing guitars until you find one that you like(that fits your criteria). Then plug that sucker into every amp in the store if you have to to find a sound that you like. I'm not going to fill your head with that trash about one brand or model being better than the other, just get something that YOU like.