Ill be going between work and school a lot, and I was wondering- would the laptop be okay sitting in my truck during the day? It would have to endure some heat and coldness but I could keep it out of the sunlight and maybe even from heat all together in my toolbox which stays cool. Still, would heat hurt my laptop? Or more relevant to the current weather, coldness?
I wouldn't leave it in there. Changes like that aren't good for it. Get a backpack and carry it into work with you after school.
It'll be fine unless you live in really extreme places..

EDIT: But that works too^
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not good for it
and chance of it getting stolen, i wouldnt risk it
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It probably will be okay if it isn't running, but I wouldn't because there is the chance someone will break in your car, steal the car, strip it for parts and they'll find your laptop and get whatever information you have on it.
get a cl-sack
and dont keep it in there
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The thing is, I dont trust bringing it into my work for the reason that theres not really any safe place to put it. We dont have lockers or anything.