So I have about $500 to spend and I'm in need of a good acoustic guitar, I've been really looking into this guitar because it is a little smaller than the dreadnoughts and still has a good tone. Is this guitar worth buying?
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Most people are going to tell you to stay away from it. The sides aren't made out of real wood. It's really just a goopy mixture that they put under extreme pressure (hence the HPL for High pressure laminate). But if you absolutely love it go for it. But i would suggest playing every guitar you can get your hands on before you make a final decision. (Epiphone Masterbuilt series, Takamines, Seagulls, etc.)
While I actually like the X guitars I don't think a blem OOX is worth $500. I got a new, US made DX1 with a small dent in it for $360.
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