Umm, hello, fans. Umm, i have songs and stuff. but to idk how to write music for them. like how do i get songs in key? like..how do u know how to get a riff in key....IDK HOW DO YOU DO THIS IF U GET WHAT IM SAYING. HOW DO U WRITE IN A KEY?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
You use the notes that are in a key (eg, the same as the notes in a given major scale) and resolve in the correct way to the correct notes - if you're asking in this way you probably haven't done any work on basic music theory - check out the theory vids in my sig and see if they start to make sense to you. Don't rush them, either.
Umm, i kinda get wat ur sayin, but i only read tabs, but i can find out wwat note that is. but ya..idk. ilkl work on stuff
The key is mostly the first note of the piece. From there play the notes that are in the key. There can be some exceptions in solo's for example.
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