i enjoy the intro, your rhythm tone is a little weird and i dont like it in the begining but it's fine later on, the intro riff is really cool though, a little two quiet, just boost it up a little more, same with the harmony lick that joins it.

Get a durmmer or some drums loops that would add alot, and when you overdub you need to be carefuly with it, cuz there are parts where i can def hear that you just stopped recording and cut it out, something else should always go on soo it seems continous and flowing.

All in all i like this song alot it just needs some fine tunning.

Yeah, I know what you mean with the splicing. I need to figure out how to do that a bit better. But I don't have a drummer now, and loops sound like they have no feeling and that won't do for my music.

I'll crit yours in your thread.

Thanks for listening!