I tried the searchbar, and it turned up with nothing that could help me.

So my brother has a Behringer GMX212, and as many of you probably know, it has a plastic input jack. He's had it for a while, a couple years, with no problems. I was reading that the jack sucked and broke easily, and I didn't believe it because his never had a problem.

Anyway, about 10 or so months ago, when I first started playing, the guitar cable I was using stopped working (the one that comes with the guitar). I pulled his out of his amp and used it until he got home, and one day, I tried to plug it in, and the nut and washer came off and because I pushing it, the jack got shoved in the amp.

He was gone for the week so I dragged it out of his room to fix it. Of course, I have no clue what I'm doing, and I'm too poor to have a tech fix it, but I tried anyway. I managed to get the jack back out and screwed the nut and washer back on it. it worked perfectly fine after that. So I put it in his room again and he came home and said it didn't work. So when he was at work I tried it and he was lying, it worked fine.

Now I looked at it a month or two ago and the jack was shoved back in, by him on accident, but know the threading on the jack is stripped. I haven't fixed it yet, because I don't think it will help anymore than it did the first time. He says he knows how to fix it, but hasn't bothered, and because it's "my fault", I can't buy a new amp until that ones fixed. I'm running through his Peavey Rage 158, and want a Vyper, which is more expensive than his 212.

My question is: if I get a new input jack for it (say at Radioshack or something), how do I install it ? Like I said, the searchbar didn't help me. If somebody has a link that would show how, that would be great.
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