I got it in the trans red color. The neck is made of honduran mahogany, and it seriously feels better than any other guitar ive played, even the guitars in the BIG price range. I was a bit scared about how the action would be out of the box, but it turned out perfect. Really just the right height. I cant comment too much on the tremolo as I dont really use them but Im sure its quality.

Onto sound, now I havent really played it an absolute ton, so I cant really go into depth, but the sustain is amazing. Especially for harmonics, which they say is down to the nut which is made out of man made ivory. Now for the pickups, as Ive said I havent experimented to much extent at all, but the humbuckers, both of them have a fantastic warm clean sound. The single coil is thankfully not noiseless, it has some good character to it, its a bit jazzy.

One thing about Godin is the piezo pickup they use. Plugged into an acoustic amp, this guitar sounds utterly beautiful.

I play mainly lead guitar, but do rhythm a bit as well. Rhythms so so very smoothly with this, I havent experienced any fret buzz and all the strings sound very harmonized together.

I really couldnt be happier. The sound may not be as good as a couple of those very high price range guitars, but it is extremely versatile and for the price I got it for, its amazing. Godin really puts quality craftsmanship into their guitars and I highly recommend the xtSA to anyone.
Dont forget the synth feature!
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Congrats on the new guitar. I also am a Godin owner and couldn't be happier with my guitar as well.
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congrats! i got the Freeway Classic bout 6 months ago..still cant wipe this silly grin off my face..