Next year, I'm taking Woods 1 and Advanced Woods at my high school. (Woods 1 first semester and Advanced Woods second semester) In Woods 1 you learn how to use all the machines and do a handful of projects, while in Advanced Woods they tell you "Pick a project, find out how much it is, and do it".

I'm planning on making either 2 electric guitars or an electric guitar and a violin. My question is, what would be the easiest shape to make for a guitar. I want to make Strat or an Explorer, though I'm open to other ideas. I want to keep it (semi) simple, but still look nice. I'm just going to clear coat (I think?) it, so finish isn't really a question. Do you guys think I should make the neck, or buy it off Warmoth or a similiar site? Thanks for the advice!
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I say build the neck then the profile is guaranteed to be comfortable for you.

If you're doing a strat, you could make it a neck-through and finish it with tru-oil. It'll look awesome
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