Good stuff. I like this band.

On the intro, it looks like you are downstroking every note. Try alternate picking, practicing it here will help you out a lot in the long run. At some points in the clean parts it sounds like you're putting too much pressure on the strings, causing the notes to bend. At some times in the video, I can actually see the strings being bent when they shouldn't be. Just relax, man.

You have the beginnings of good technique showing here. On the clean part, instead of individually picking every note with your right hand, try playing everything in a fluid motion, like a very slow sweep. This will also help tons when it comes time for harder things.

2:03 it sounded like you hit the wrong note. The tremelo picking part after sounded like you had a bit of trouble from keeping the other strings from ringing. Try using a finger other than your index to pick those notes, and use your index to mute out the rest of the strings, it'll make your playing a bit cleaner.

There were a few issues with playing cleanly that need to be worked on, but other than that, it was a good cover.

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