i was wondering if its possible to make this pickup wiring setup


but i want a 5 way switch that makes it go

ss S SS
Ss s SS
SS s sS
SS S ss

lower case means its the pickup selected in this case

is it possible to do this? and also make them work together as a humbucker when they are on ss S SS or SS S ss?

just wondering. if this doesnt make sense sorry
Did you just want a humbucker/single/humbucker but coil split? Because than can be done...

Yes, have 5 singles is possible. I can't help you with wiring though.
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I see where you are coming from, but most complicated wiring schemes I have seen involve multiple switches - and you do not want to hack up your guitar? Right?
You could do that with a superswitch (the ones with 24 lugs)
I dont know how you'd wire it though