I'm turning my Strat copy into my designated blues guitar and I wanted to hear some idea's on good blues strings.

Is there a good brand, or should I just continue using Ernie Ball's?
look for dark or mellow soudning strings,nothing smaller than .10 gauge, prefferably 11

ernie balls are ok, but DR and D'Addario's are better
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I like the light top/heavy bottom ernie ball's, as they serve 2 functions for me, they sound nice playing blues, and they hold their tension well when i drop tune to jam with my roommate who plays a ton of metal, the D'Addario lite top heavy bottoms are nice, I go for those when the local shops outta the slinkies
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You can get coloured strings. Blue ones. Try those!

Harr Harr harr.

I think I'll try the DR Pure Blues, I've had nothing but good experiences with DR strings so far.
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