I was at guitar center and i played a fender hot rod deluxe and absolutely fell in love with it. Then i went online and its really not cheaper anywhere else and i didnt want to spend $700. I was kind of setting my goal at like $500 for a tube amp. Anyways i found the Palimino V50 on musiciansfriend.com and it was $350. So is that a good amp for the price and is it comparable to the fender? cause that's what i assumed from the mediocre quality videos of them on youtube.

If you love the HRD, go used. You easily get a used one for approx. 500$.

Tone is priceless, and if you love the amp, you won't be satisfied with anything else. If you need to go new, just save up, it will be worth it.
The Palomino's completely different, but it's still a great amp. I highly doubt you would be disappointed...

Look around for deals though! I got my HRD for $525 new (560 after tax, but still).
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I played a v50 and hated it. I had a hot rod deluxe for a while, because at the time i was really in love with that sound, and the v50 didn't give me the same thing. Just play the two, and you'll know.
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^ Thats because they run very different power amps. I own a Palomino v50 and it is a tone beast, I actually got mine from GC while they were still $350 there. It has a very nice clean channel, and the OD channel sounds more similar to a Marshall. The thing that really helps this amp put out great tones is the presence knob, adds punch to lifeless humbuckers and helps tame over bright single coils.
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