right now i'm fixing up an Epiphone SG and both the G and E tuning pegs are loose, not allowing the string to stay in tune for very long. I have already taken apart the tuning peg for the G string and can't seem to fix it. I NEED YOUR HELP, anything would be greatly appreciated!!
usually you can jsut tighten the tuner using a socket set, and if that doesnt help you need new tuners.
If you can get access to the back screw. 1 singular screw. Remove screw then remove peg. Fill your hole with a couple toothpicks. Re-insert your peg then tighten down. This should hold the problem for now. Other wise you'd have to fill the hole with wood dough then sand then drill and then and then and then. Hope I could help!
I just bought new Grover tuners for my Epi Les Paul. Sounds like the only fix taht is going to work is to get some new tuners.
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