ok. I searchbar'd it, nothing came up. basically my friend is poonin' to me about why halfstacks sound different than combos and any potential advantages either would have over the other (besides transportation, obviously). i cant think of anything right at the moment so help me out if you could and just give me some facts or something
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more speakers, fuller sound. a head hooked up to a 4x12 cab will seem to be a lot louder and have more bass response than a 1x12 combo on the floor... but there's no difference between a head on a 2x12 cabinet and a 2x12 combo, besides that a 2x12 combo is much more of a bitch to carry around

if you got a combo amp, stick it on a stand, point it up, and you're really just fine.

personally not a fan of big cabs - portability is my main gripe with everything

if you're at a big enough gig where you would think you need a big cab and huge head to fill the space, you're probably gonna be mic'd up anyway and it's useless
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