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^that pretty much says it all.

I use .73 mm Dunlops. Which apparently is pretty thin by most standards.
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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

Lol me too. I use medium whatever brand. I like First Act pics a lot actually tho.
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(if this is against the rules, I'll take it down.)
a litre
i use the yellow and green tortex ones
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
Either 2 or 3 millimeters.

Just started using them today, and my god its awesome.
whatever the orange tortex are
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1.04 i think is mine. thin feels like less control IMO. but i know tons of great guitar players play with thin. just not for me
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i think mine are really thin something like .53, there snargling dogs picks...i cant get used to thick picks
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3.0 mm...Jim Dunlop Stubbies

I use these as well. I have 3 solid grey ones left and I can't find any more in stores, the rest are all translucent purple.
EDIT: I actually use the big stubbies, not the small ones.
Well after trying some thicker picks (1mm Dunlop Tortex) I found that my favorite are picks that are roughly a medium guage (around .73mm) and made of celluloid or nylon.
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10 mm keratin tipped.
Eh, Jazz III thickness. Whatever thickness that may be.
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Didn't we just have a poll similar to this?

1.14mm Dunlop Tortex... purple ftw. (Standard shape, triangle and sharp point ftw)
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Didn't we just have a poll similar to this?

1.14mm Dunlop Tortex... purple ftw. (Standard shape, triangle and sharp point ftw)

Wow.. I use the exact same kinds.

That triangle sharp point is like an upgraded Jazz III or something.

I like the standard shape a lot as well.
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Same , the .73 yellow Tortexes


edit: but I file them pointier
Dunlop 1.1/1.5mm

Alligators ftw.

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I either use a .60 Jim Dunlop lucky 13 pick if I can find it, otherwise I use .73 or .88 Jim Dunlop Nylon pick.
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Everything other than Jazz III's feels weird to me now...
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not too bothered about brand, .90 is just right for me
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Always 1.0 Jim dunlop tortex. Bought a little baggie of 72.

Oh yeah.
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the green tortex i have tried over a hundred picks and always return to these picks.
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