not sure where to put this, but is it possible to run two guitars through a single tube amp

i have a peavey valveking 112, and i'm not going to attempt this till i get some advice. don't want to mess it up. it might be a stupid question but oh well.
It is possible, but wont sound any good. Amps are designed to amplify one signal, with 2 it will be a bit messy. Plus it will be hard to differentiate between the 2 guitars.
not unless you have 2 separate speakers run in stereo with all impedences matching, even then it wont sound very good. just dont do it
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If you are intent on having 2 guitaists plugged in the same amp it won't be very nice-sounding since the 2 signals will be quieter.

If you just want to have both plugged and switching from one to another use an aby footswitch, look up guitar center's website to get the idea of the aby.
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You can do this, but as every one said, it will sound crappy, be quieter, and be difficult for both to play at the same time. But it can be done if necessary. You will need a splitter, like this: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2123235, except a 1/4 inch.

I have one that i got from radio shack, just can't find the link right now. Like I said, if you absolutely NEED one go into radioshack and ask for a 1/4 inch splitter.

Your question was already answered... but I ask (for the sake of the forum) that next time you hit the search bar first. This has been asked, and answered many times since I joined.
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