I'm looking to buy my first guitar and could really use some advice. I'm trying to decide between 2 entry level guitars/amp packs....

Fender Starcaster or Silvertone Rockit? Both come with small entry level amps and are the same price ($169) I like the look of the Rockit a little bit more, but the Starcaster has a whammy bar and of course the big name.

Is either one easier to play than the other?

my opionion is that you should buy the fender squire strat pack, cause the starcaster is a pice of **** compared to the squire affnity series.

EDIT: ^^ this guy is right though, don't buy starter packs, buy seperate better made guitars, but if you on a budget then i say go for it.
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Buy a decent guitar and skip the amp.

Just buy a toneport like things so you can connect it to your computer. You aren't gigging. Computer amp software is much better for learning and the sound is better. A wide world of options.

Oh, and the toneports and such are a lot cheaper than ur basic practice amps.
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