While practicing the seemingly impossible modes of the major scale, it occured to me that I completely sucked ass at doing anything with any finger besides my first two on the low e string (I can do fine soloing on the treble strings). My pinky just felt so uncoordinated.. I kept wanting to do whats easy and bad for practice which is only use my index and slide the ring finger into position (moving my hand) and only use my first three fingers.

I finally out of an act of frustration and being pissed off at my horrible reach and dexterity, shoved my thumb forward so that it was more torwards my pinky and in the middle of the span of my fingers and wow...

It hurt like hell to stretch it and i had to stop after awhile but I can see why people play this way, it was considerably easier for me to use my pinky and ring finger to fret notes on the thicker strings. So if I can, I may play this way a little each day and try to stretch my hand so I can play these scales better.
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I had the SAME exact problem, then I moved my thumb more toward the middle of my hand and I could put more pressure on my pinky allowing the strings my pinky was fretting to ring instead of buzz.

It feels natural now.