I play a Schecter Spitfire 6. The body is alder with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard.
It's from the discontinued diamond series, It's a pretty sturdy guitar, and I'm positive that I want to keep it for a while, the only problem is the pick ups.

They are alright for playing distorted rock music, but anything clean is bad, and I'm looking for good quality for recording music.

I was thinking about EMG's 81 & 85, or the SD Invaders.

I like playing hard rock music, and I want a neck pick up that is good for rock leads and playing clean, and a bridge pickup that will me a nice crunchy tone.

would Pearly Gates on the neck, and Invaders on the bridge be a good combo?

edit: I play hard rock music, im looking for a neck pick up that's good with leads, and a bridge pick up that is crunchy, I use a Fender Champion 30 DSP
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