i read a few threads about madison amps already, but it seems like there are mixed answers to whether these amps are any good...it may be because the first divinity 1 was **** and terribly made, but times they change...

I play death, black, grind, nu, progressive, deathcore, thats about it

so im right in the price range for a madison prophecy (ss) head, im not ready for the power of tubes yet...

ya so i just wanna know if anyone has played or owns a prophecy, or a divinity 2 because i guess the prophecy has distortion kinda like the divinity 2............

im thinkin my list is like this (the list is in order of possibility of purchasing)

1. Madison Prophecy (new)----------$480
2. Randall rh-150Gplus (new)-------$569
3. Peavey 5150 (used )--------$400-700
4. peavey 6505 (new)-----------------$999

...even though i'd much rather have a 6505 than anything i really dont feel like getting a job or saving up the money to get it, and as for the 5150 i dont really trust buying something almost a decade old on ebay.
get the 5150. madison amps are fairly terrible, and randalls are the most overrated amps there is. since the 5150 and the 6505 are the exact amp..just buy the cheaper used model. i just bought one and i have the cab and its a great sounding amplifier.
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randalls are the most overrated amps there is.


Get a used Ampeg VH140C, or a used Crate GX130C. Both can be had for uber cheap, and both sound damned good for death/grind stuff. IIRC, I think Pig Destroyer, Cannibal Corpse, and Dying fetus use/used either both, or one of the two.
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