I just went to the Ac/Dc concert and am now obsessed with learning so many Ac/Dc songs. However I want to get the sound right. What are the settings I would need to make it sound good on my Roland Cube Amp 20x?
6 bass, 6 Mids, 7.5 Treble, 9/10 Gain. Bridge pickup.

Now play E, A, and Em chord progressions... and viola!
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Now play E, A, and Em chord progressions... and viola!

+10, 000
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Yeah but on what setting on the effects side? There is distortion, overdrive, acoustic, metal, metal stack, and tube drive. I heard that he uses over drive as well as distortion so which one is the best choice?
G, A , D and throw in "E" and that covers 80 % of there stuff... Rock on
On my old cube 30 I would use the classic stack with gain at 7, and out of the list you said, try distortion, overdrive, tube drive, with gain around 7 and the EQ at treble 10 mid 10 bass 5/6
Distortion amp model with 5-7 gain with treble and mids at ten and bass at 5
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