ok, i have a Marshall JCM 900 4500 50 watt hi Gain head. now i used the B channel, (overdrive) most of the time, i rarely play clean stuff, now i`m wondering about using the clean channel as a lead boost channel, but pretty much overdriving the HELL out of it to pretty much melt down....

im using a BC Rich Kerry King V with EMG`s and the PA2 20 db gain booster, along with a MXR 108 EQ and i`m barrowing a MXR KFK Q zone, and the A channels gain is at max ( 10 )

can this hurt the amp??, like i`m dumping ALOT of gain though the clean channel, and it sounded WICKED today, exactly what i`m after with my leads. i just am worried about blowing my head.
it should be fine..ive never heard of blowing a tube from too much gain...
I played a JCM900 yesterday.... my god am i jealous of whoever owns one, I really am.
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how you described it, i think that would sound horrid. that sounds like absolute trash, imo.

but to answer your question, no, it wouldn't harm anything in your amp.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
why don't you try putting the distortion in the FXloop, bypassing the preamp? >.>
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well right now this is how i have my setup.

Guitar Kerry King V w/emg pa2 > KFK Q zone > JCM 900 > MXR 108 EQ in the FX loop.

everything turned on in the clean channel

since i`m in a thrash metal band, i used alot of gain and my 900 with the KK sig V has no problem pulling Slayer type thrash metal..... but since i don`t really use the clean channel and none of my bands songs don`t use clean, i`m pretty much converting the A channel which is the Clean channel into a ultra hi gain Lead channel, so my solo`s are louder, but being a clean channel you really have to boost the gain, i did it last night at band practice and it was wicked, the whole band loved it and told me i gotta keep the KFK Q zone, and i gotta agree that pedal is WICKED.

and the reason i don`t put a distortion pedal in the loop is because i like the tube gain more, i don`t run any distortion pedals in my set up, the huge amount of distortion i have is all tube overdrive. i honestly don`t like the fake distortion from distortion pedals anymore after owning a tube amp and hearing the overdrive from the tubes.

and thanks bucketmark, the Marshall JCM 900 is a VERY sweet amp and can do anything from Country to Classic rock to full out Metal. it`s a wonderfull amp IMO.
the 900 is alright. It sounds a little too lifeless to me. It does have great drive, but you can still hear that transistor in the pre clipping.

I bought a 4500 a little while ago and ended up returning it because the drive just sounded a little fake. I really wish i could have kept the amp because it would be perfect for what I play. Maybe one day I will buy one and bust open the amp and put a 12ax7 where the transistor is.
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