My mom's pissed off at my dad, in which the case leads to her buying me a new amp (of any price, almost) to get back at dad. I might be taking advantage of this situation.. but awell. I believe my price range is about up to $1000. So I like bands like Muse, Chevelle, but I need an amp that's also suitable for playing jazz. So playing the rock is primary, and jazz comes in second. It's because right now as I am, I love rock, but I MIGHT be able to get in my school's jazz band, so I don't want a brutalm3t4alr0ck amp which sounds like crap when turned clean. Also probably gonna get into a church band soon enough..

So just to get me started off, what amps have the great versatility I'm looking for? The only one I've looked into was the Mesa Boogie Express, but I have no clue when trying to judge a tone online.. So please suggest me some amps

Preferable 500-700, but could go up to $1000
If you have a Cab already, look at Mesa or Marshall heads just to add on to it
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