I think this would be a good website for the novice guitarist.

This is my first website and i payed around $50 for the name and a half a year of service. You guys can ignore this post or do w/e feel free to look at the site its under heavy construction. Ive been adding about a page a day, I'd like to do more but my schedule doesnt allow for it. Suggestions and stuff would be helpful. This post was also so I could get another link to my site so google would index it better.

*Edit* I hope submitting my site for fun wasnt against any forum rules *EEK*
Awesome idea! Website looks good too.
Looks like it could use some serious editing as far as english usage is concerned but cool nonetheless. Also I saw you said that its under heavy construction and scheduling is a problem etc. but it might be useful to add links to other pages describing things in more detail, such as the Floyd Rose tremolos.
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In your "Bridge's" section you should add the Kahler tremolo. As I prefer them over Floyd Rose.
yea its all been rushed so far... the grammar isnt the greatest. I know lol... And i intend to add the kahler and further links explaining each trem. Like i said its got a long ways to go . not bad for a weeks work i guess.
thats a great site for only a few days of work! hope it turns into a great site in a few months/years!
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Should see about getting a CMS (Content Management System) for your site. There are plenty of Open Source ones you can find on the net, most will also Sync with your forum, depending on the software you use for the forum. Generally, nearly everything will look much cleaner and detailed, rather then with using plain HTML. Not bad though for just starting up.
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Very Nice Site there!
I hope it becomes well known, try advertising it some places

But then..
Put Adverts on your site
= Profit. (If you have enough visitors to the site)

But maybe in the bridges section and all, some more detail about them.
and maybe a page about types of guitars, like Semi Acoustic styles and different types of solid bodies
Just an idea.


EDIT: Put the link to your site in your sig, might gain a few more hits, basically put links to your site anywhere you can.

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Hey didnt know what to expect but nice site -

not sure you ever read Bill Edwards book on Fretboard logic, but you might suggest that on your site.....its a great beginner resource for practicing scales and building finger dexterity

the pentatonic forms and how to connect them up and down then neck....when i first tried learning scales i was timid, cuz i thought id have to know all the names of the notes and do the formula's (W W H), ect...this book really helped me
Nice, thats really cool, just keep working on it.
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