Ever listened to the Cave In album Jupiter? Your voice sounds kinda like Stephen Brodsky's...

You songs are pretty good even if you're influences box you into a corner that's already crowded and none of us are going to fall for beyond middle school...

The Creed-esque guitars need to hit the road as well... They're unconvincing X10. Mix the bass higher, and if it's just playing root notes learn some voice leading theory... The drums sound just fine and the lead guitar has nothing wrong with it, but again, welcome to the path most traveled.

Vocals could use more doubling on the yells (adds depth, makes screaming sound HUGE), and some more reverb from time to time. The In Between is your strongest song musically, nice dynamics, typical but excellent guitar work (very clean). Building Houses not Homes is far and away the best lyrically. Actually screw that... The marimba demo is my favorite just because it's something DIFFERENT.

I hope you don't give up challenging yourself though... Just because you're already roughly on par with most of your influences in my book doesn't mean you shouldn't try to find a different direction to approach things from. Artists I'd recommend: Cave In (Jupiter), and Okkervil River (Black Sheep Boy). They're completely different sounds that have fairly similar vocal delivery to yours, the difference being that they're not watered down to the point that I think they're trying to sell themselves to me.

But if this is exactly the kind of music you want to make, then by all means make it. I wish you well, but not at the expense of many more interesting groups.
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hey, I appreciate the feedback. I've never heard of Cave In, but I'll definitely check them out. These are my first attempts at writing songs, so I'm definitely learning as I go to try different things, but I'm also trying to stay catchy so the masses will still be willing to listen to it. I'm seeing it's a hard line to straddle. Thanks for checking it out, and the feedback is great!