C4C dawgs

This one goes out to the pick gnomes that stole my picks and made me use my fingers.

I used my newly aquired yamaha psr-e403 keyboard for all tracks except guitar.
The main riff is just a two handed thing that I came up a while ago. Alot of people said that it's catchy so I decided to make a song. This was a great opportunity to further explore my keayboards capabilities.
Like with all the tunes I upload - it's just a demo
But this time the only thing that is missing is a better transition to the last part and some guitar stuff over that same part.
This is NOT a serious song. I made this to work on my keyboard recording/composing and to all of my friends at school that like that two handed tapping tune

PS. Some tracks are rythmicaly off at times. That's cause I moved the tracks around and messed some **** up.

PPS. I'm re-posting this here because I realised that the pit is not really the right place for original recordings. I deleted the old thread
I'm surprised no one has posted on this lol, i actually really like your catchy two handed lick, granted it's goofy but this songs about gnomes soo lol. I like the harmonies around 1:25 you actually have some pretty ballin' solos in here too, plus the slideshow of garden gnomes makes this even better lol granted the intro bit with keyboard almost made me want to stop listening to it there and then but... im glad i checked the rest of it out you actually have some pretty great schtuff in there.

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Nice one, I like the drums in this and the part where the electric guitar comes in to do the melody. Harmony sounded good, but it got a little boring after that. Repeats a bit but I didn't find it inappropriate. Interesting transition around 3 minutes in; I reckon you should've changed back into the bouncy style before finishing off the song. This stays in the listener's head which is very good for a song, decent job.
Haha this isn't something I'd listen to regularly but its definately got a quirky memorable melody to it. The guitar is nice, sweet tone and good dynamics. Pretty impressive to made be from a keyboard and guitar...the mix sounds good and the quality is great.
Haha, sounds like you had a lot of fun making the track. I didn't really expect the drum fills which were pretty well place and then the guitar kicks in. Overall its pretty fun groovy track. Some of the lead work should be synced up a bit better but this isn't obviously a super serious type of deal.
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Hahaha, this is like, Steve Vai funny! Quite catchy. I liked the chord progression! The guitar was a little off beat sometimes, but not much, so it isn|t very noticable. Loved your tone!
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Haha this is awesome!
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