"Playing through all of the Baying of the Hounds (such a ****ing nasty song). I ****ed up the solo big time (figures that I run through it perfectly when I practice this song before I record it)... hit the wrong switch on the controller for distortion after the lead part before the solo (around 6:30 in) and ended up going into clean channel for a bit =_=

Also find myself having difficulty with the clean section after the solo, mainly transitioning between the different positions.

Tabbed out the solo myself (http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/o/opeth/baying_of_the_hounds_solo_tab.htm) and used (http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/o/opeth/baying_of_the_hounds_guitar_pro.htm) for most of the rest with slight changes.

Recorded with a PodXT Live dubbed over the original song.

edit: Turns out I was playing the end soft break (after the solo) wrong... DAMNIT =_= "

An old cover I did of TBOTH. Great song, first Opeth song I learned all the way through (besides stuff like Still Day and Patterns In the Ivy II).

Opeth - Moonlapse Vertigo is just about to be finished. I did a two-guitar track cover and vids, it'll be in a separate post.

Thanks for watching