This may seem like a dumb question, but right now, i use a clean amp and a boss sd-1 for a dirty sound. The thing is, I do not like the sound of most distortion pedals, but i wish my sd1 had more gain. i sounds great with the gain on ten but its just not quite enough. Are there any overdrive pedals that have a similar tone to the sd-1, but can achieve slightly more gain?
put an overdrive before it or mod it
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One thing you could do is get a high gain pedal and get a equalizer pedal. But, I'm afraid I can't recommend any overdrive pedals.
Maybe a MXR GT-OD, sorry i'm not much help..but yeah maybe hi-gain mod it?
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I would just mod it. Modding is almost always going to be better than buying something else new that still isn't going to be exactly what you want
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What about Maxon sd-9?
Also, Is it possible that you want distortion and not overdrive?
Unless you can afford a H&K Tube Factor or similar OD, your best bet is to try and mod it.
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someones gonna shoot me for this.. BUT just picked up the ibenaez ts-7 from their cheap "TONE-LOK" series. tried it in the shop just for fun cuz someone left it on the floor, and man was I surprised. Such a great pedal, that adds a color similar to the original screamer, only a bit more warm and compressed sounding, at the expense of some dynamics though, not that the screamers ever were dynamic beasts though. Anyway it is very cheap, very well behaved in manners of noise, so try it out, you might fall in love with it like I did. It has added some great variation to my palette of od sounds
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What about Maxon sd-9?
Also, Is it possible that you want distortion and not overdrive?

no i dont like the sound of actual distortion in my playing. i dont know if this is the word for it, but overdrive just sounds more open and clear to me than any distortion pedal ive tried
Robert Keeley does some sickly pedals.

Analog man has some bitchin' sounding pedals, too.
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