Needless to say we're no metal band.

If you're after more 'consumable' stuff you might enjoy "Front Page" and "Bought and Sold", if you're into something with a little more depth the two in-between might agree with you more.

There's been some complaints that the vocals were mixed too low... I suppose this was out of a lack on confidence on our parts, but it's not changing anyway.

New EP: NV


Oh, and it should go without saying, but if you like us we'd be happy to have more 'friends'.
I quite liked American Dream to be honest, seemed fine to me. But I see why you'd think Front Page and Bought and Sold would be more radio friendly.
I like American Dream, but Broken Glass is the best I think. The vocals aren't necessarily too low in the mix (imo), but they could use some polishing. Lessons are never a bad idea, because the voice as an instrument is very difficult to master. I can't offer much advice there because I can't carry a tune myself . Don't get me wrong; they aren't bad but clearly haven't reached their potential.

The end of American Dream is really cool. With Broken Glass, when the heavier part comes in initially, I think the tempo should be increased a little, or something. It feels as though it needs to hit a little harder. Still, good work and keep it up!