This is just a video of an improv I did a couple days back. I'm working on refining the ideas in it and writing an actual song. Lemme know which sections you guys like or what you would fix or throw into a song or whatever. Thanks!
c fer c, of course
A bit heavy of the harmonic's I think, you should use less and place them more strategically.
Really like the strumming and chords from about 1:08 onward, the switching between strumed and picked notes quickly works quite nicely I think.
Overall this pretty sweet, a little more structure but as you said it was Improv I suppose that doesn't apply, try turning this into a properly structered and honed song and I think it will sound really nice.
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^Agreed, too many harmonics at the start.

You occasionally lose time, but pretty damn good considering you're improvising with no backing track.

It doesn't appear to be going anywhere a lot of the time, but that's just something I like in a song...
that was awesome. you are very musical. i can tell because even in an odd tuning, it sounded sick. i dig your sweater as well.
haha thanks! I LOVE the tuning. This video was one of the first times I played using it and everything just flowed out of me.
And that was an $8 sweater from Target