Anyone know of a really good recording software to record guitar? At the moment I'm using Audacity and it's ****.
Reaper is free and 40x better.
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I use ProTools for recording and Audition for mixing but they can be a bit confusing to start with. Definitely recommend Reaper for the recording part of the process.
There are lots of great DAWs around and nobody can know what you will like best, so try out a bunch. Recommendations: Cakewalk Sonar, Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Mackie Tracktion and Energy XT are just some of the great options out there. I would also suggest you stay away from Pro Tools because for home recording it is somewhat inferior to most other DAWs (because most of its greatness comes from hardware integration).
It's technically not free and costs $40 for non-commercial use, but it never really expires so it is pretty a generous offer from the developers, so to speak.
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If you're on a PC, upgrade to Cubase (SX3 if you can find it cheap)
If you're on a Mac, upgrade to Logic

I assume you're on a PC otherwise you'd be using garageband so id say if you want a proper sequencer... then get cubase. I've heard good things from cakewalk's Sonar, but i haven't tried that myself.

One note, Cubase LE comes with some hardware free. For basic use its good, has all the main features. You just cant use so many VST plug-ins or effects, and can only do 2 track simultaneous recording.