Hi all!

My search for a good audio interface continues... I have gathered new information that changed my point of view on the situation!

First of all, I discovered that my laptop DOES have a FireWire connection... Seeing as people tell me in here that FireWire interfaces are much better than USB interfaces, I'm probably going to get totally different recommendations this time!

Second, I decided to raise my budget to about 200-250€ (for you Americans, take 250$ as my budget, because everything is slightly more expensive here in Europe)...

Basically, what I'm looking for is an interface with (at least) 1 mic preamp, and 2 line inputs... I researched, and I found a couple of candidates:
- Presonus Inspire 1394: plain and simple, enough inputs for what I need, not too expensive...
- Edirol FA-66: slightly over my budget but I could save up... also, more versatile inputs
- Presonus FireBox: costs about as much as the Edirol, equally versatile...

Now, my question: how about the quality of these 3 options? Is the Inspire any good, or would the FireBox/FA-66 be better? Any other good options within my budget?

I have the 1394, always runs smooth and the preamps are good. There are no knobs on the actual interface, you control it through a window on your computer, which I dont mind but some people want the knobs. I think your description of it was right on, it's a simple interface with a small amount of inputs.
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The Edirol FA-66 would be nice as well, though, it has MIDI which I could use to transfer patches between my PC and GT-8... Anyone know anything about that one?