Hey everyone, so this is my first post. So I haven't really played in probably a year or so and really want to get back into it, one of the reason's is because my guitar hasn't really been right. So my guitar isn't crazy expensive, just a starter Fender Strat. Squire... and when I first got it I had this little starter amp, but probably after about a year or so it kinda kept cutting out in the middle of playing. So I would unplug the cord and plug it back in then it would sometimes seem to fix it. So anyways about a year ago I got a new Marshall amp, and right away noticed the same thing but never really got around to fixing it. So for christmas I got a gift certificate for 50 bucks and thought I would take the guitar in to get fixed, but the music store apparently doesn't do repairs, so I just bought a new cord because I really needed one anyways, tested it out thinking maybe it could just be a problem with the cord, but same thing. It just kinda cuts out then cuts back in. Do you think there could be something up with the pickups' or the jack itself? Thanks guys!
I'd say it's a problem with your guitar input jack. Maybe try wiggling the plug when you're plugged into your amp and see if the crackling intensifies. If you want you could also unscrew the little input cover/dish and see if there's anything obviously wrong e.g frayed wire, a solder joint that's almost coming apart. Then it's up to you what to do, if you're confident with electrical stuff try fixing yourself, if not look up another guitar shop and see if they can take a look.
Good luck dude, hope this helps a little.
Start at the input jack, and go from there. I'd say thats your problem. Most of the time if you have a bad pot, it doesn't go in and out. Sounds like a short. I'd just pull the pickguard and check the wires from the jack and to the pots and pups