It's new year's eve and it's cold as hell,
My lover is sleeping on my mother's couch,
As the crowds count down, I heard the loudest sound
Like a death knell; my calendar unwound.
So I hid my frown under a champagne crown
And picked it all apart but no meaning was found.
I screamed at the screen it didn't say a thing
What could this all mean, has it been worth anything?
Now patient saints wait for the voice of God
Whilst we repeat/repent, repeat then repent
I just hear the sound of the devil's shoes
Creeping in my hall as I sing these blues.
This is urgent, mama I feel abused
When did a body count become the news?
I held the sand. I held it tight.
But when the tide came it still washed it out of sight.

Peel back the armour if ivy...
And see the cracks upon the wall
See the flowers and the weeds
Like the King who raped his Queen
Just to feed on her beauty
Find your reflection in these things
This is the original sin
This is the echo of the years
To the sound of a new generation's tears