Well I wouldn't say I was looking for you
I wouldn't even attempt to define
That moment stood still, and everything between
Held in my memory's moonlight.

The clowns lined up to paint smiles on their faces
Ignorantly, we just clung to the choice and changes
That were taking place
In the graveyards in stone.

So on we march to midnight's broken beat,
In the murky resonance of the night
Defeat is tangible
Let's claim it like the ocean claims the shore.

Because I would kneel at each golden alter
I'd wash my hair, and eat their bread
Just to give a name to the devil
That put these thoughts in my head

But when all the flowers have fallen
Onto the soft sheets of our lover's beds
Will we smile back at them
Or offer our repents?

And when tireless widows fill the church aisles
And sing in pious relief
Will I be writing of their pallor,
Or will I be joining in?

I've seen a lot of angels, but I haven't seen much grace
I've seen time come and draw more lines on my face
I've seen the leaves go brown and fall, but leave no trace
I am waiting for something new...
I am waiting for something to come that's true.
Something that is constant.
Something that is pure.
It should come for itself, and no one else
And no one will need to die for it.


Now oyster shells cough up cobweb cells
This is a repeated repent on the passage to hell
Give me infinite wisdom,
But leave a gold mine of sorrow,
Make me coy and sweet
O what would my father say to me?

"When those walls got smaller, did you leave or did you suffer?
When the weather got warmer, did you breed or did you wither?
And when the wolves were at your borders, did you fight or surrender?
Or can you not answer that?
Do you not want to answer that?
I bet you can't."