i need some amp settings for a billy talent like sound... more specifically for "fallen leaves" by billy talent.
i have a schecter omen extreme through a roland cube 30x amp.
I know they probably use different amps but i need a general settings guide to sound as close as i can get, i had a fiddle around n couldn't really get close.
BTW i think theres like a clean part and a distorted part.. need settings for either/both.
thanks in advance.
as suggested in total guitar:

gain: 6
Bass: 4
Mid: 4
Treble: 7
Reverb: 2

go for it
currently at work so i'll give that a go when i get home and let you know.
no problem man, im assuming its good but i dont really lissten to BT so i dnno
sounds good.. i turned up the treble/bass/mid/gain 1 more though and it sounded a bit closer but yeah thanks.. should do well enough.