Hi, i am in need for a new amp.

my sis broke my amp, it was a 'Roland cube 20x' but i am wanting a better amp for my next.

i have a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Fender Strat.

i play all types of music (but mostly rock and blues.)

i am willing to spent MAX $600 Aus dollars.

i am looking at getting the Mg50dfx.

are there any other amps that i should take into account?


anything marshall or a vox ac30...

EDIT: A TUBE marshall....
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No, NOT anything Marshall at all. Don't even CONSIDER a Marshall MG. It's basically a cheap, crappy amp with Marshall written on it.

Why do you have 2 high end guitars and a Cube, anyway?

For $600AU, try a Peavey Vypyr 30, Vox AC30, or another Cube even... but if I were you, I'd save up a little more and buy a decent amp, otherwise you won't get the most out of the guitars you have.
Ye i know, the amp was a present.

Anyway, i agree with what u r saying about me saving money for a good amp.

What type of amp is good for a les paul?
And also what price range should i try and save up for?
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