i have a blackheart killer ant. i dont have a cab for it yet. im aware that there are so many different types of cabs that i can purchase. however i just happened to stumble upon this.http://soft.com.sg/forum/guitar-amp-buy-sell/93880-wts-two-1-x-10-marshall-speaker-cabs.html 2 marshall 1 x 10 speakers.

i play mainly rock (think GnR Deep Purple) and metal (megadeth metallica pantera etc..). my purpose is to use this for home practise. my budget is 300SGD which is approximately 201.749 USD.

my question is! is this a cab to avoid? we all know the MG series is generally one that isn't quite up to standard. i just want to know if im making a bad choice if i purchase the cabs

note that the price is in SGD. so in USD it's approx 200 bucks.
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Bad choice, try an avatar cab.
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Try www.thomann.de

They have a budget Harley Benton range, although some of the cab's contain Celestion 30's
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guys my question was: are these bad speakers?

so i presume that by posting links to other products you're telling me it's a bad deal?

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i know my first post was a little weird but i believe im man enough not to be called a softie. hahah

no no what i meant was that do you surf soft.com.sg regularly? cuz i know i do..
Well you already said that MG are dodgy. Why would you buy a product that you know has a bad rep?

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well all the bad reviews for the MG i've read are for the combos or the heads. not the speakers. that's why i felt it justifiable to make a thread about the MG stack speakers

i live in a small country. this is singapore. it's an island country that's 36km long by 32km wide. i cant even find a single licensed dealer for blackheart within a 500km radius of where i live. there aren't many products to choose from here be it brand new or second hand.

this is one of the few cabs that i actually found that fits my most important criteria (1 x 10 or 1 x 12).

so i'm just asking for your kind reviews. hahah. so it's really your opinions that the MG stack speakers are bad too?
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Well, most MG reviews mention the speakers being poor quality.

Besides, my MG30DFX (sold it today) speakers were muddy. Essentially, those speakers won't do the Blackheart any justice.

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