What would you guys recommend for picks for a MIM Strat. I'm looking for something that will provide nice cleans but will also take a good ammount of gain (nothing too major). I play mostly things like Clapton, SRV, Hendrix, Led Zep, ACDC, though im not expecting too get an ACDC sound, don't worry.

So far I've been looking at the custom shop 69 pick ups, the 54 pick ups, texas specials, and lace sensors.
what amp are you playing through?
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I've got the Custom Shop '69's in my Classic Player 60's Strat. They are a little noisy, but they NAIL the SRV/Hendrix tone. They're very bright sounding. I've heard good things about Texas Specials and Lace Sensors too, but I've never played em.
lace sensors are general all around good pickups, the different colours do different sounds like humbuckers or high output


Texas Specials is what a of buddy of mine has
he loves em they have a good clear yet crisp sound
i have texas specials in my mia standard strat, great punchy cleans. i also have a deluxe strat with hot samarium cobalt pups, they are nearly as good as the texas specials.
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Quote by JLT73
what amp are you playing through?

I'm playing through an old Peavey Classic VT amp and use a TS9 tubescreamer as an overdrive.