Hi Guys.
Check out my Cover of Killswitch Engage's The End Of Heartache.

Its in my Profile.

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Peace Out
That is a nice tone you got. What gear and recording you use?
Eat shit or die tryin'

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Hi! Care to crit me back if I crit yours?

First of all, I don't know the song, but WHAT amazing tone you have. I especially liked the tone of the rhythm guitar, the lead in the intro was good but not great. The playing is good, not very much in there that you could impress me with, but you didn't write the song after all I especially liked your tone man, it's awesome! Well done!

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Cheers mate!
Im using: Cubase Sx3, CME Matrix K Firewire, Amplitube 2, Guitar Rig 3 and some mastering VSTs

Im glad u all like it.