The local pawn shop has one for around $120. I was wondering, what makes a Junior a Junior and what they might be worth? BTW, its and epiphone LP JR.

Also, are these good guitars, what epiphone LP might it be compared to?
epiphone is a deacent brand.. for the price, compared to gibson... now wait.. i'm talking about LP standards... i have no idea what it's like when it comes to juniors, since a standard costs 500-700€ .. dunno
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they're ok.
if they are gibsons.
wasnt too impressed by the epi copys. its basically a budget copy of a budget guitar.
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not worth it, it wont be anymore than a shiny begginer guitar.

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Well Leslie West from Mountain plays a Les Paul Junior on Mississippi Queen... you gotta hear that if you hadn't. I dunno what an epiphone's like but just go to the store and try it, if you don't like it don't get it, if you do then buy it, and if you can't tell the difference then you don't need a real one so just buy it.
they're not a bad play, I'm not a fan of the sound but *shrugs* and for some reason, the body and neck seem downscaled even though it's the same size as a normal guitar (don't ask. me and everyone I know who've tried one are of the same oppinion)
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If it's got a bolt-on and a bucker', it's a starter model common for heavy modding(ask Flibble about that). If it has a set-neck, it's one of the 57' reissues. Their good guitars and I'd say for $120 go for it, but you may want to replace the stock pickup with a Gibson P-90.

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If it's got a bolt-on and a bucker', it's a starter model common for heavy modding(ask Flibble about that).
Oh dear, is my reputation starting to precede me?

Anyway yes, if it's one of the set-neck reissues with a P-90 pickup, they're decent guitars. I actually managed to get my hands on one for the first time last weekend and I was genuinely very impressed. Mahogany body, set mahogany neck, traditional Junior single P-90 pickup and controls, tuners were the same Grover-stamped tuners Epi LP Standards have... good all-round. The thing that impressed me most was the pickup, I don't know to what design Epiphone make their P-90s but their P-90 pickups always sound fantastic, even better than some aftermarket pickups.

If it's one of the regular Epiphone LP Juniors though, that's nothing special and you're not getting a bargain. Alder body, bolt-on maple neck, single generic humbucker pickup. I bought one to trash and practise modding on, and it's turned out okay - has more sustain than any other guitar I've ever played - but even after I've modded it to hell and back it's only barely average. Fun to have a bash on but nothing to get excited about. Not something you should really bother with unless you already have many other guitars and you just want something cheap and fun to bash up.
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