Looks like I'm off there this year. I wasn't too keen on going really because the lineup was ****ty last year, but the headliners this year have been announced as Kings Of Leon, Paul Weller and Franz Ferdinand.
Not an amazing lineup, but still decent really.

This average lineup along with the fact that it's a week in the sun has really swayed me, so my mate's oredering tickets for us tomorrow I think. Should come to around £200 for the festival ticket and return flights, which isn't bad at all considering a Leeds festival ticket comes to around £170.

I was after a holiday in the sun really becuase I haven't had one in... 6 years? Something like that anyway.

Plus I love festivals so two birds with one stone, and with it being reasonably cheap for what it is, maybe I could go to Leeds Festival aswell, where the bands are bound to be a lot better (fingers crossed AC/DC)

So has anyone been to Benicassim before?


Going this year?
This is football?

It sounds neat. Have fun matey
If you try to correct me
I will become alot more wise and insightful than you can possibly imagine.