Hey, im looking for a new bass amp ive been playing for a year on a crappy 15 starter amp that constantly breaks.

I have about 500 dollars to spend on a amp and im wondering if this Fender Rumble 60 watt amp would be a good choice


If this helps i generally play rock and a little bit of metal, and i play a little slap.
Fender Rumbles are good (not great) amps, but there's better you can get for the price. Look at Acoustics like the B200. Have you considered saving a couple hundred more for something decent, like a Gallien-Krueger Goldline half stack?
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I had a Fender Rumble 25, and played it for two years. I kept the volume very low, between 2-3. I took it out to jam with a friend once, and turned it up to "8". The speaker blew! I'm not sure how great the Rumble series is. Just know that it is not a real Fender amp...they are made out of the US.

also see Ashdown and maybe Carvin.
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fender rumble amps are lacking for the most part my friends just doesn't really sound good
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fedner rumbles sound ok if you leave the eq flat and use your bass, for different sounds.
See if you can get an ashdown, oe that warwick looked good.
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Go on Ebay and look up
Carvin BR610.

It's the actual Carvin people that sell it. It's Buy It Now for $470 with $40 shipping. So $510 for the whole thing.

It's an AMAZING amp. Can go up to 600 watt at 2 ohm, which should be loud enough for most gigs.

Really intricate EQ system. You can get any tone.

Built in compressor, and front mounted XLR direct output.

Really sturdy.

Probably the best deal around $500. Much better than that 60 watt "Rubble"

BTW. Carvin sell the same one, with Neo speakers, but for $599 off of their website.
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I have a 25-watt Fender BXR that has served me reliably for many years. Sure it's the only bass amp I've ever had, But I'd recommend it for how it doesn't distort much and allows the tone of the instrument to play through. Also, I got it used for aronud 100 and have had no problems.
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