I have an Ibanez GRG150 with a strandard trem (i dont use the trem)

Will i need an SH 5 or a TB 5 ???

Also, should i go ahead and get a new neck pickup or stay stock?
(Personally, stock sounds a little muddy)


Also, just to confirm, this can go metal right?

(I need this info TODAY!)
Not an issue...a friend is getting it here, along with my black Classic 2 Alnico 2 GFS pickup (neck), and a Danelectro EQ.

I found this:Humbuckers and Trembuckers are very similar to each other, and most humbucker models also come in Trembucker versions. The Trembucker-spaced JB, for example, is a TB-4 and the humbucker-spaced version in an SH-4. The only difference is the wider spacing of the pole pieces on the Trembucker versions. This spacing issue only applies to the bridge position pickup, which is why Trembuckers are recommended for the bridge position. Trembuckers are designed for wider string spacing most commonly associated with Floyd Rose or vintage vibrato bridges (often called Tremolos) with a string spacing of 2.070" or 52.6mm, measured center of high string to center of low string over the bridge pickup. Humbuckers are designed for bridges with traditional Gibson humbucker string spacing of 1.930" or 49mm, measured center of high string to center of low string over the bridge pickup. Humbucker spaced pickups work in both bridge and neck positions, even with a Trembucker-spaced bridge pickup. A quick and easy way to tell which you need is to measure from the middle of the high string to the middle of the low string, directly over the pickup. If the distance is greater than two inches or 50mm, go for a Trembucker. If it's less than two inches or 50mm, go for a humbucker.

So i guess Trembucker it is.

My guitar's pups dont have mounting rings. Will the TB-5 need one?
I know YOU know the difference...that was just info i found.

Yeah mine are screwed in.
I've sent the list...hopefully, he'll get the right ones, and i'll have new pickups by the end of this month. And a Dano EQ, new tone capacitors.

Sprague Orange drops are decent right?
I'm more worried about the reliability/quality.

So far, my guitar has been tone knob-less.
When my new pickups get here, im gonna re solder the tone pot with new caps, install the pickups, maybe add a killswitch for some versatility.
I'm also getting a bone nut cut for 10 gauge strings, 2 extra trem springs, maybe a tyrem block.

Hopefully, after this, my guitar shall be awesomer than ever!

Regarding the pickup replacement, and tone caps, it shouldn't be too hard to do myself right?
I've never done this kinda thing before, but im good with a soldering iron.
Quote by forsaknazrael
Reliability? a metal film cap is a metal film cap. Both poly and metal are more reliable than a ceramic cap, and less noisy.

Replacing pickups is easy.
I keep meaning to do a tutorial, to show how I do it, so it's nice and neat, but I never get around to it.

Mine has a ceramic and the tone knob is dysfunctional.

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What are your pedalboard plans?

And current pickups?

I need to cut the carpet lining for my pedalboard, then just need to mount everything. I've just been lazy. And I need to build the "relay", to which all cables go. Oh, and I need to buy my Canare cable. Already have my plugs.
Right now, it would be:
guitar > relay > modded wah > line driver/buffer > boost > fuzz > * > fulltone mini deja vibe > tuner > relay > amp > relay > [FX LOOP OUT] > boss EQ-20 > [FX LOOP IN] > relay > amp.
The asterisk is where I will stick my custom MXR Distortion + and Tychobrahe Octavia pedals once I finish building them.
Sounds like a lot, but not really. Once I order the cable, which I may do this next paycheck, it'll all fall into place. The relay is super easy.
I'll be mounting them with bicycle chain links, works rather well. Oh, and it's all powered by a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II.

and my current pickups are a set of Seymour Duncans; SH-2 Jazz in the neck (hate it) and an SH-14 in the bridge (used to be an SH-5. Me likes it.). Looking at a set of Silverbacks. I want something more PAF-y and less high output.
Pretty impressive stuff.

Tell me what the Dist + sounds like when its done.
What genre are you using it for? Classic i assume?
No idea, just think it would be cool, and the paintjob I have for it killer.
Might stack it on top of my amp for heavier stuff, depends on how it comes out...Trying out different diodes for the clipping section.

i can't wait to take pics; this thing looks badass. Looks like it was made by Orange Amplification.
I wish i had some cooler pedals.

My pedalboard atm is a poorly constructed box with an MXR Phase 90 () and an unused Digitech Grunge ()

But hopefully, by Feb, it'll be a cooler Pedalboard with
Guitar -> Phaser-> AMT distortion -> Dano EQ -> Amp. Powered by a one spot daisy chain.