Hey Guys And Girls...

so recently i have been thinking of building a guitar and i had an idea for what the body could look like. A Gibson Sg, Explorer and a b.c. rich mockingbird combined, any ideas on what you think this would look like and if its a good idea.

pics of what you think it could look like would be awesome
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It sounds as horrible as your gigantic text.
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Hybrids like that usually look awful. So does this one. Just build one of the three.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
That looks like poo.
you could call it the poocaster?

Otherwise, it's a silly idea. Just start with a basic shape (strat, LP, etc.) and change some things you find uncomfortable on it.


for a bunch of "artists" ya'll sure are stifling his creativity. at least he has the balls to try. i say go for it if you like it screw the rest.
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^^ agreed. its your guitar, do what you want.

i do think it looks a little rough on paper, but it could be decent.

i dont know how you could design it any differently to make it look any better...sorry lol

maybe loose one of the 3? i say loose the SG or the Explorer. if you loose the mockingbird it would reming me to much of the Splittail Deans...bah those are horrible.
if you follow the design of a jackson kelly (the lower horn is shaped similar to the one in your picture, and it's 'back' end is like an explorer), then made the upper horn like an SG's (the kelly doesnt have an upper horn, just a... point sort of thing, but instead of that, I mean)

that might look how you want...
cut into the arse to make it like a Dean ML, and then swap the horns so its like the syn custom.
Then it will look teh badass
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