So im thinking about buyng a used Line 6 Uber Metal for 70 dolars.
I wont have the opportunity to try it,i just want to know,does it have
that fuzzy sound that Digitech Death Metal and Boss DS-1 have?I mean
that digital fuzzy sound?Or is it crunchy and...good
I haven't had personal experiances with either of them pedals but I have used a lot of Line 6 stuff and from what I have heard about the Line 6 Uber Metal would suggest to me it has a smoother and warmer tone than the other two.

I know the quality isn't great but why don't you search for some demos on youtube?

It shoulld give you an idea!
It's considered Dimebag tone in a box to give you an idea. Very over the top.
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Yeah it's awesome. I recently got a Line 6 Pod X3 Live and the Uber Metal still has more balls.
I use it and love it. Back when I bought it, it was $85 brand new. They are now $100. I assume that means they are at least popular. The bulit in noise gate is a BIG plus!
I thought based on the thread title this thread was just a joke. :P


Try it. :P
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