just wondering, what necks do you prefer on a guitar and why do you prefer it.

do you prefer.

bolt on
neck thru
set neck


gloss finished
satin finished
varnish finish

remember to give a reason why
Bolt On (can change it if it breaks)
- never has broke on me but there's a first time for everything

oiled - plays the best (imo)

and rosewood fretboard (i know it wasnt in the question but it's also a preferance)
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Depends what im using the guitar for.

I love Ibanez necks.
I also love Classical guitar necks.
I also love OLP necks.

Ibanez for the thinness i us them for metal, shred, Fusion, and experimental.
Classical guitar necks are great to me some reason.
I want an electric guitar with a classical guitar sized neck.
OLP necks *the thicker oiled maple ones* are really nice for Jazzy stuff and Prog.

EDIT: With the darkest ebony fretboard you can find.
Maple fretbaords can also be nice like the olps i mentioned above.

Also, worst necks to me:
Gibsons in general.
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it depends but if i could choose whatever i would choose a onepice guitar :P
like the new gidson or a custom made..
a necktrough is not an option cause the sustain is quite good but a onepice is better so if not onepice it should be a bolt on so you can change it

oil absolutly
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