Poll: Should I get a Vauxhall Insignia
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17 59%
12 41%
Voters: 29.
give me your answer in the poll above then describe why you said yes or no in exactly eleven words


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Maybe your Dads pissed because hes shooting blanks :P
I've seen the advert, they look pretty awesome, the interior is nice.

Go for it.
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looks cool but Its still a vauxhall, go ford, cant go wrong

Why there is so much vauxhall?
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Kind of need more information about:

What do you want in a car?

What's your budget?

etc etc...
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Don't get one. They look quite gay. Banana banana banana terracota.

Interior crocodile?
It's a car^
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I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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It's not a car, it's just a Vauxhall badge being propelled along by a motor.



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It stills sounds like a Viking Tattoo.

It's less interesting too.
Mundaneo is still a better car.
Yes, good looking car with good features - I'd get one if I had the money.
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no you shouldn't, because you smell and have the super aids

I can't explain why but that made me laugh uncontrollably...

Quote by zimmzimmer
Maybe your Dads pissed because hes shooting blanks :P
If you want one then why not?

P.S Vauxhall is Opel in the rest of europe
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